Free downloads
This is a collection of 160 images in BMP format, that can be used on push buttons (CTX library) and toolbars. Also contains an index image of all the numbered buttons. These images can be viewed with TBXview.
This is a simple image viewing utility for BMP, JPG and TBX formats (TBX is the TrueBASIC boxstring format.) Converts BMP and JPG to TBX format. Also contains the source file for this program.
This simple utility program inserts your own custom icons into executable programs created by TrueBASIC.This package includes ICONMAKER, which allows you to build your own icons pixel by pixel. The ICO image format is 32x32 pixels.
This simple program shows an anecdote of a past event that happened on the same day as today.
This program randomly generates a quotation from a wide variety of sources. BACK and NEXT buttons allow you to view other quotes. 
This program allows the user to convert a wide range of metric and non-metric quantities from one system to another. Explanatory notes and the appropriate formula accompany each conversion.
This download consists of the five DLL files required by executable programs generated by all Silver or Gold editions up to version 5.42.
This download consists of three files:
Listing_readme.txt - describes how to use the LISTING utility.
LISTING.TRC - is a DO program that must be copied to the TBDO folder.
LISTING.TRU - is the source code.
The LISTING program allows the user to specify the number of print characters across the page and the number of lines down the page. The defaults are 80 characters and 60 lines. The program also allows he user to print partial listings by defining the start and end lines.
The PRINT option under the FILE menu in some versions of TrueBASIC produces a truncated printout. The LISTING program runs as a DO program (like DO FORMAT) and avoids this printout problem.